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Do you know what the Greatest Men in History (Ali, Ghandhi, Einstein, etc) did that you’re not doing?

I’ve travelled the world for the past 10 years studying top performers. 

CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and UFC Fighters call me their “secret weapon”.

My methods are unconventional. And they work damn well.

On this site, I will help you:

  • Master the peak performance psychology so you can overcome self-doubt and develop true confidence.
  • Use unconventional productivity strategies to increase instantly productivity by 45+%.
  • Align yourself with your “Greatest Work” so you can contribute to society in a more meaningful way.
  • Create optimal balance so you can excel in all areas (career, health, relationships, spirituality) and prevent burn out.
  • Master influence and social dynamics so you can become a true leader and bring the best out of people around you.

What Clients Are Saying:


Phil is the best Peak Performance Coach in the game. I’ve won all my fights in the UFC since we started working together, and he is now a major part of my training regime.”
~Jason Saggo, UFC Fighter

When I started working with Phil, I was living at home, trying to get a startup off the ground. Within months, my company became the #6 Social Network on iTunes, and we raised more than 1 million dollars in investment. More importantly, I now wake up excited every morning.
~Austin Kevitch, Founder & CEO Brighten

I really felt stuck before I started working with Phil but his brilliant insights helped me experience more joy and fulfillment than I knew possible while losing more than 35 lbs in 12 months.
~David Parker, Real Estate Investor

A letter from the Founder


What Clients Are Saying:

“Phil’s energy and enthusiasm are truly unrivaled. I would not be where I am today without his guidance and dedication to always go beyond the call of duty. I truly believe Phil is one of the best business and lifestyle mentors in the world.”
~Marc Coppola, CEO Superhero Academy/The Valhalla Movement

“Phil is one of the few people I go out of my way to recommend. My leadership abilities have multiplied as a result of working with him.
~Austin Szelkowski, Co-Founder A2 Mastermind

“My business grew by 360% in 6 months working with Phil. He kept me focused, asked the right questions, and showed me opportunities I hadn’t considered. I always left our sessions focused and motivated.”
~Ben Altman, Co-Founder Charisma on Command

“By working with Phil, I was able to remove that nagging feeling of not living life to my full potential and finally do something about (instead of not knowing how to change it). Phil gave me the road map to make real positive changes and becoming the man I want to be.”
~Chris Trudeau, Senior Advisor Bowermaster & Associates