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Jason Saggo UFC Fighter

"Phil is the best peak performance coach around.."

"He knows how to create champions in and outside the octagon, and he is now an instrumental part of my training regime. Our conversations are always full of laughter, insight and a strong understanding of what I need to be my best."

Ben Altman Co-Founder Charisma on Command

Shows me opportunities I hadn't considered...

"Before working with Phil, our business was doing about $5,000/month in revenue. In less than 6 months working with Phil, we just did more than $18,000! Phil keeps me focused, asks the right questions, and shows me opportunities I hadn't considered. After our sessions, I always feel motivated and ready to take on the world!"

Nathan Seaward Entrepreneur

"The moment I met Phil, everything changed..."

“I had just hit rock bottom: my relationship had ended, I wasn’t happy, and I desperately wanted to start my own business but I was paralyzed by fear. The moment I met Phil, everything changed. He helped me launch a successful business, started an amazing relationship and feel more fulfilled than ever before. I can’t recommend him enough.”

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Do you know the 3 mindsets you need to become King?
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Watch my most recent TEDx talk:

Can we actually accomplish more by working less? Does the success of our modern icons hide a self-destructive culture? In this persuasive talk, Philippe Drolet contrasts the lifestyle of our most famous and celebrated entrepreneurs with one that draws on the training and life patterns of rock stars, athletes and artists to drive excellence and achievement.

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