Success Stories


"The moment I met Phil, everything changed..."

“I had just hit rock bottom: my relationship had ended, I wasn’t happy, and I desperately wanted to start my own business but I was paralyzed by fear. The moment I met Phil, everything changed. He helped me launch a successful business, started an amazing relationship and feel more fulfilled than ever before. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Nathan Seaward Entrepreneur

"Phil is the best peak performance coach around.."

"He knows how to create champions in and outside the octagon, and he is now an instrumental part of my training regime. Our conversations are always full of laughter, insight and a strong understanding of what I need to be my best."

Jason Saggo UFC Fighter


"With Phil's coaching I got my dream job at Google, and found fulfillment in my professional life. Today, I'm in the exact place I wanted to be, and have accomplished every goal I had for myself when we started working together. Phil was the catalyst for all that."

Luis Benini Google

My leadership abilities have multiplied...

'My leadership abilities have multiplied since beginning working with him. I won't lie to you - I definitely did the work, but Phil's patient guidance and inspiration were essential to the process. It's not just me that benefited though, our organization has grown as well."

Austin Szelkowski Entrepreneur, Founder of A2Mastermind

An absolute master of his craft...

"Philippe Drolet is an absolute master of his craft. He is able to talk the talk simply because he walks the walk. You would be hard pressed to find anyone as diligent and caring as Philipe, and I found my experience working with him incredibly genuine and fulfilling. He has a tireless passion for solving the most complex issues, whether spiritual or day to day. The results speak for themselves and I recommend him without hesitation."

Colin, G Exective, NYC

Shows me opportunities I hadn't considered...

"Before working with Phil, our business was doing about $5,000/month in revenue. In less than 6 months working with Phil, we just did more than $18,000! Phil keeps me focused, asks the right questions, and shows me opportunities I hadn't considered. After our sessions, I always feel motivated and ready to take on the world!"

Ben Altman Co-Founder Charisma on Command


"Phil is one of highest impact men I know, and someone who completely changed my life. He has great advice from a business perspective but also from a deeper spiritual level - a place where true inspiration and abundance flow naturally from. His ability to get me to take those extra few steps make all the difference. When I connect with him, I feel that everything is possible."

Marc Coppola CEO Superhero Academy


“Phil has an infectious energy and outlook on life. By working with him, I was able to take that nagging feeling of not living at my full potential and do something about, instead of just feeling it and not knowing how to change it. He gave me the road map to make real positive changes and become the man I want to be.”

Chris Trudeau

It means so much to know you truly care...

"Gotta say thank you very much, man. It means so much to know you truly care, understand my struggles, and support me in my progress. Today I actually felt like love and good vibes were shooting through me as I was walking around at work. Wow, what powerful stuff!"

Tom Pruchinsky

I would love to work with him again...

"After months of procrastinating and feeling pretty lost, I decided to take the plunge and hire Phil as a coach so he could help bring my business ideas to fruition. His ability to understand his client's issues is obvious, and his deep understanding of what it takes to integrate work and personal goals is impressive. He always had an insightful answer to my questions, and after our sessions I would leave focused and motivated. I would love to work with him again."

Kevin Conwell Sao Paulo, Brazil


"I am thrilled with the exceptional coaching Phil consistently provides. Every time we speak, I immediately take action using his guidance. And every time, it gives me amazing momentum that positively impacts all areas of my life. His coaching has made it so easy for me to make these changes!"

Leon Milner


"When I signed up, I didn't have the money, and all my doubts and fears were running amok. I went with my gut and I'm so glad I did. It helped me get through a crazy time in my life. I have weathered all the stress with more control, confidence, and courage than ever before. I'm now more confident and courageous in my work, and new projects are literally FLOWING to me. I have released so many fears and doubts. Phil has helped me change my life for the better.”

Julio Andrade


"I've finally been able to become a leader at my job. I used to be afraid of expressing my opinions for fear of what others might think. I now see myself as confident and self assured, and express myself no matter what others may think. I get things done more quickly than ever before, and opportunities are attracted to me, it’s like the whole universe just opened up for me! Philippe Drolet is a creative and innovative coach and will someday be one of the best of our time! The Mindset Intensive has been the best course I have taken, bar none!"

Gene Hermanski


“My work with Phil has been life changing in countless positive ways I could not have imagined possible. He has helped make profound transformations in the most fundamental and important areas of my life – my mind, body and spirit. I felt stuck in many ways before we started working together but his brilliant insights and practical solutions have helped me rewire my way of seeing and understanding the things I want to change in my life while also enlarging my capacity for joy and fulfillment. Phil’s passion, creativity, integrity and 100% commitment to my success has been fundamental to our work together."

David Parker

“My career has evolved very rapidly...”

"I feel as if my confidence has skyrocketed with many things in life. I've seen amazing opportunities arise in the past few months and have capitalized on those opportunities. My career has evolved very rapidly in, I have gotten really great results at work, along with much more responsibility."

Tim Moreau

“Huge improvement in my level of discipline”

"By working with Phil, I experienced a huge improvement in my level of discipline, ability to meditate, and capacity to feel grateful for my achievements"

Ioan Chirila

Phil's sense of humor makes the class an incredibly fun and valuable experience...

“Before the Jedi Training Camp, I was trying to make lasting changes but kept getting stuck in bad cycles. I desperately wanted to kick-start my growth and make changes around my health/fitness, business/work, and happiness. The class opened my eyes to a lot of things I hadn't considered, and it has equipped me with tools to continue my growth and break down barriers. Phil's style of communication is clear and straightforward and his sense of humor makes the entire class an incredibly fun and a valuable experience every week. I recommend it to anyone who is willing to put the time in, open up their mind, and wants to see the world in a different light and do real lasting good for themselves and the world around them.”

Matt Jensen


"I was at a place in my life where I felt like I was desperately trying to get somewhere, but just couldn't figure out how to get there. When I heard about the Jedi Training Camp, I suddenly felt like might be the answer, or at least at way to help me find some answers. Right from the first session I knew that I had made the right choice. The topics we covered, the teaching approach, the weekly challenges, all resonated with me in the most amazing ways. Some weeks, I could swear that Phil was reading my mind since the subject matter was so relevant to what I needed. If you're looking to enhance your life, whether professionally, personally or even spiritually, this program is an incredible guide to help you do that."

Patrick Charron


"Thanks to working with Phil, I’m now able to achieve a state of flow on a consistent basis where ideas appear effortlessly and endlessly.."

Matt Reinig

“I’ve finally gotten rid of my procrastination…”

“I’ve finally gotten rid of my procrastination which has helped a lot take bolder steps in my career”

Andrei Horga

 “I have worked through my (perceived) huge fears…”

"I have worked through my (perceived) huge fear barrier around going out and applying for jobs in a new field by using the black and white theory of productivity. I have been using +1/-1 on a daily basis as a helpful game to make better in the moment decisions. I have approached all sweaty palm conversations with integrity, honesty, and love."

Nicky Tidd

“Much more ‘present’ moment to moment…”

"After working with Phil I have made meditation and yoga a part of who I am daily. As a result, I have grown much more 'present' moment to moment. Thanks to the black and white theory of productivity and optimizing my “employee” behavior, my productivity has gone up!"

Drew Horne

“I have a more positive mindset…”

"I am more confident. I have a more positive mindset and are more aware of my own feelings. I can now notice when my emotions control me, and detach myself from them more easily. Thanks to this, I have increased in my own emotional awareness which I find very useful."

Dave Boucher 


“Phil's wisdom has profoundly changed my life. I am starting to take control of my life for the first time. I am so grateful, and so happy to be alive."

Hayden Harrower


"Prior to the Jedi Training Camp, I had just moved to a new country, and I was feeling lonely and afraid of the unknown. Although I was hesitant to sign up for the program, it turned out to be a wonderful decision. I'm so happy with the results. My limiting thought processes have indeed changed! My interactions with people are evolving, and I'm becoming more honest, whole and loving. I have been put on a new trajectory and I intend to enjoy life and keep reaching higher platforms."

Rajat Nair

“I’ve gained HUGE clarity…”

"By working with Phil, I’ve become aware of my lifelong dream and how connected it was with my ego. I’ve now moved it into a new light, and I’ve gained HUGE clarity. This program has been such a wonderful reset button, a chance to slow down, and reevaluate my life. It's also made me realize how stuck I was in my own head."

Chris Robinson

“No longer having fear talking to anyone…”

"I’m no longer afraid to talk to anyone about more or less anything. The master classes where we can all converse with one another and see the accumulated progress of all the students were very powerful."

Daniel Kaplan

“Newly found inspiration to truly pursue my dreams…”

"I am filled with inspiration to truly pursue my dreams and have gotten clear on where I want to be in 3 years. I have developed a great morning ritual which gets me fired up and charged up every morning in order to win my day. I have a new sense of self and I have consistently aligned with my true self while holding myself to a higher standard of integrity."

Joey Ryan

“The greatest improvement is definitely the mindset..”

"The greatest improvement is definitely the mindset, that as a Jedi, we are leaders out there to guide the fellow people to the "light"! I made positive steps in my professional career as a lean leader- the work I do, the level of my thinking and my cooperation with others got to the next level."

Varga Balazs

“The most meaningful change I’ve made in my life...”

"The most profound change I’ve made since starting the camp was becoming a “super human.” Growing up, it seemed personal achievement was something that was more stressed than serving the world. During the camp, I started asking myself why I wanted to do what I was doing, and why I wanted to work hard. And what I realized what I wanted to do was to bring good to this world and to make it a better place. I’m learning more and more to be compassionate and sincere to all people, as well as forgiving the faults of others, and while it’s difficult sometimes, I try my best to open my heart and be selfless. This shift has been the most meaningful change I’ve ever made in my life."

Eric Ye

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