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Do you know what the Greatest Men in history (Gandhi, Ali, Lincoln) did differently than you?

For the past 20 years, I’ve been studying the world’s top performers.  

CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and UFC Fighters now call me their “secret weapon”.

My methods are unconventional. And they work damn well.


On this site, I will teach you:
  1. How to Achieve “Zen Peak Performance” (and be a lot less stressed)
    It’s not enough to achieve high performance if you’re stressed and out of balance. That’s why I will help you develop optimal habits and mindsets to achieve world-class results while enjoying deep inner peace.
  2. How to Develop “Balls of Steel” (and master fear)
    It doesn’t matter how zen or hard-working you are if you don’t have the cojones to be bold when you need to be, to pursue dreams so big they scare you, and to have the grit to keep moving forward when you hit roadblocks.
  3. How to Master the King’s Way (and become a world-class leader)
    To perform at the highest level (and put a dent in the Universe), I will help you become a man of exemplary character, a master of social dynamics, and effectively utilize leadership principles from history’s greatest leaders.
  4. How to Achieve “Enlightened Success” (and be radically happier)
    Through all this, it is crucial to understand and master spiritual principles to align yourself with your highest path, produce your Greatest Work and experience the fulfillment that stems from profound contribution.
  5. How to Optimize Your Relationships (and feel more love than ever)
    At the end of the day, none of it matters if you’re stuck in conflict or can’t connect deeply with your partner. That’s why I will teach you best practices of extraordinary communication, effortless connection and tantric sexuality.


What Clients Are Saying:


“Phil is the best Peak Performance Coach around. I’ve won all my fight in the UFC since we started working together, and he is now a major part of my training regime. He knows how to create champions in and outside of the ring.”

Jason Saggo

UFC Fighter
My work with Phil has been life changing in countless positive ways. I really felt stuck before we started working together but his brilliant insights helped me experience more joy and fulfillment than I knew possible (and lose 35 lbs!).

David Parker

Real Estate Investor
"When I started working with Phil, I was trying to get a startup off the ground. Within months, my company became the #6 Social Network on iTunes (right behind Twitter), and we raised 1.2 million dollars in investment.”

Austin Kevitch

Founder & CEO Brighten

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A letter from the Founder

Dear Friend,

When I was 9 years old, I read the biography of a man named Maurice Richard.

Richard was the best hockey player in the world in the 1940/50’s, and he captained the Montreal Canadiens to 4 straight Stanley Cups.

Richard is national hero in Canada, not just because he was a heck of a hockey player… But because he was a Great Man. Powerful, kind, high-integrity and a true leader of men.

The day I finished that book, I decided that one day I would become the best in the world at my craft. But more importantly, I wanted to become a man of character who inspired others around me.

I had no idea of the wild journey this would lead me on…


Over time, I’ve found that becoming a Great Man is not easy.

In fact, it’s very hard. And the deck is stacked against us.

Our society is designed to keep us “good but not great”.

  • Mainstream media promotes instant gratification and “shallow” success.
  • There are very few role models (how many truly Great Men do you know?).
  • The world moves so fast that we don’t take time to ask the deeper questions.
  • Western culture promotes ego-based values that are sexy but unfulfilling.
  • There’s plenty of surface-level advice around but not a lot of profound wisdom.

Even with the best intentions, becoming a Great Man in today’s world is an heroic feat.

But I believe it’s the most important thing a man can do. For himself, those he loves and society at large.

It requires a rock-solid commitment to excellence, the courage to face your deepest fears, and incredible tenacity in the face of adversity.

It’s no easy journey…. and the benefits are incomparable:

  • You develop unshakable confidence in yourself. A knowing that whatever life throws your way, you can handle it with ease and grace.
  • You wake up excited in the morning, looking forward to the day ahead… and go to bed exhausted but deeply satisfied with yourself.
  • You accomplish tasks and projects in a fraction of the time, you become a natural leader and your work performance improves dramatically.
  • You have a magnetic quality, a depth of presence that draws people to you. Women are effortlessly attracted to you, relationships become magical, and valuable professional opportunities find you consistently.
  • You experience the profound happiness that comes from knowing you’re living your full potential, inspiring others to do the same and that you’re getting closer to your dreams.

Beyond the personal benefits, becoming such a man actually changes the world.

*You help women around you feel safe which unlocks their full potential.

*You help children grow up happy and strong, and become extraordinary adults.

*You start creating projects that uplift all of society and help those in need.

*You inspire, uplift and enlighten others by your presence and generosity.

If you’re reading this, I believe there’s a calling in your soul to become a Great Man. If so, I want to help you.

I do my best to walk this path every day (and have been for the past 20 years), and along the way I’ve learned some valuable things.

For several years now, I’ve been working with some of the highest-performing men in the world: CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Elite Athletes…

…and we’ve not only generated millions in revenue, changed thousands of lives, and built impactful social projects…

But what I’m most proud of is that I’ve seen these men transform into Great Men.

Based on those results, I’ve decided it’s time to share my methods with the world.

On this site, I hold nothing back- I share the best principles, strategies, models that will help you take your life to a whole new level.

If you’re ready to step into Greatness, I’m ready to help you.

To start your journey now and join the NewKings family, put your name and email address below.

You will instantly receive the Great Man Meditation and I will send you my weekly Kings’ Wisdom email every Wednesday.

Much love,

What Clients Are Saying:

Phil is one of the few people I go out of my way to recommend. My leadership abilities have multiplied as a result of working with him.

Austin Szelkowski

Co-Founder A2 Mastermind
My business grew by 360% in 6 months working with Phil. He kept me focused, asked the right questions, and showed me opportunities I hadn’t considered.”

Ben Altman

Co-Founder Charisma on Command
By working with Phil, I was able to overcome that nagging feeling of not living life to my full potential. He gave me a concrete roadmap to making positive changes and becoming the man I want to be.”

Chris Trudeau

Senior Advisor Bowermaster & Associates