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Speaking Topics

The Zen of Peak Performance:
Less Stress, Better Results

In a world of ever-increasing pressure, how do we stay zen while pursuing big goals? How can we achieve world-class results while deeply enjoy the journey?

This flagship 60-90 minute presentation is designed to help executives, entrepreneurs and high-performing teams get the best of both world: uncommon success and profound happiness. 

  • Learn to achieve "Sustainable Success" with the 5-Buckets Framework
  • Learn to create optimal conditions for world-class performance. 
  • Learn to maximize output with less stress and pressure. 

10 Secrets of World's Best Leaders

They're powerful, kind, and deeply committed to service. They consistently bring the best out of everyone around them. Teams thrive in their presence. 
How do they do it? What makes them different? 

This  60-90 minute presentation is designed to empower students and professionals to step boldly into their leadership 
(even if they're shy, lack confidence or don't see themselves as leaders). 

  • Learn that leadership is a choice that's available to everyone, including YOU. 
  • Discover your own leadership style to effortlessly inspire others. 
  • Learn create the conditions to bring out the best in everyone around you. 

The New Definition of Success:
How to Reach Your Goals & Change the World

The old model of success is dying: monetary gain, power, achievement-at-all-cost are no longer enough. In this talk, Phil proposes a new definition of success designed to promote individual wellbeing and collective evolution

  • Learn why the old model of success is outdated (and destructive!). 
  • Hear inspiring stories of mavericks who are blazing the path to "new success"
  • Learn how to align your biggest goals with the advancement of all humanity. 

What others are saying about Phil's speaking

"Phil has a rare talent of sharing his stories and anecdotes in an accessible yet insightful way. He energized his audience at Stanford University within a short time, empowering us to strive for even higher standards of leadership and growth." ~Sharon Tan, Stanford Student

"Phil did an incredible job! I think his message is so important. It's hard for entrepreneurs who enjoy their work to maintain balance and not let passion get out of control.​" -Todd Kuslikis

"I love Phil's talk! I've struggled with working too much and pushing too hard as well. We've all got to slow down and just learn to relax sometimes.​" -Isaac Miller

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