Our Mission...

At NewKings, we’re building a new breed of men:

Men who are powerful yet loving.

Men who are wise yet playful.

Men who move humanity forward.

Men who are Kings.

The Problem We Are Solving...

Modern society is not designed to create Kings.

Instead, it breeds men who are confused and suffering in silence. 

To understand this, let’s look at a typical man’s journey.

From childhood all the way to”manhood”.

The Boy is Born...

Growing up, his father is his model of masculinity. 

But is it really the path he wants to follow?

The boy is too young to ask that question.

So he models his dad.

For better or for worse.

The Teenager...


He goes through the education system.

He’s told to sit down and be quiet.

But he starts asking himself questions…

“Why is school so boring?”
“How can I get girls to like me?”
“How can I be better at sports?”

He has no one to turn to.

So he struggles… and suffers, in silence.

The College Student...

He’s off to College.

This should be his initiation into manhood.
His preparation for the “real world”.

Instead, he goes to boring lectures during the day. 
And learns about beer pong and random hook-ups at night.

He knows it’s all a big joke.
But everyone’s in on it.

What is he supposed to do?

The Young Man...

Soon, it’s time to enter “the workforce”.

The problem is…

He still doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life.

He gets a job he’s not passionate about.

He plays the game, tries to figure it out.

But soon, he starts to wonder…

“Is this all there is?”

The Adult Man...

Years pass, he sinks deeper into the system.

He know deep down he’s capable of so much more.
But he feels stuck.

Changing paths is hard, and scary.

So instead, he has a few beers.
Maybe watches some porn.

Anything to fill the void.

The Solution

It’s not too late to start playing a different game.

A radically better way to live as a man.

We call it the King’s Path.

(It’s not for everyone… and it’s very powerful)


The King does work that inspires him.

He’s living his mission and making a difference.

He strives for greatness, and seeks to improve every day.

He treats others with kindness, generosity and respect.

He works hard, plays hard, and truly enjoys his life. 

Becoming a King

Being a King is a radical act in today’s world.

How do we do it?

We follow the 10 principles of The King’s Path:

An Invitation:

My brother,

You don’t need to play society’s game anymore.

We’re building an underground brotherhood.

Men who are committed to walking the King’s Path.

Men who are powerful yet loving.
Wise yet playful.

Men who achieve tremendous success while using their power in service to all society.

And today, we want to invite you to join us.

To start your journey on the King’s Path, simply put your name and email below.

You’ll immediately receive an email with your first mission.

Much love,

Philippe Drolet
Boulder, Colorado


Join hundreds of men inside building kingdoms.

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