5 Unusual Ways to Achieve World-Class Results in Your Career
We live in a world filled with distractions, surface-level thinking, and constant "busyness". While this offers challenges, it also offers tremendous opportunities for those who are willing to play a different game. Here are 5 strategies to get past the modern-day madness and reach the rarified air of world-class excellence.
Strategic Contrarianism: Why Unconventional Choices Can Help You Win At Life
Over the past few years, I’ve made a habit of experimenting with “unconventional life choices” and my experiments produced superior results time and time again. That’s why today, I want to challenge you to question your assumptions about the world and to start setting up your own experiments in unconventional living.
Break the Silence: Why Your Secrets Are Killing You
What we keep in the dark destroys us. They erode our self-esteem. They suck the joy out of our lives. That’s why today I want to share with you how keeping “secrets” is silently destroying you… and offer you a better way to navigate challenges without needing to hide your true self.
10 Life Lessons I learned From 1000 Hours of Meditation
When I first heard about meditation in 2011, I wasn’t sure it was for me. I was an MBA student and entrepreneur after all, not a Buddhist monk! Little did I know the epic journey I was embarking on…In this article, I share what I’ve learned along the way, hoping it will inspire you to start your meditation journey or to deepen your practice.
The Power of Vacations: Why Taking Time Off Makes You More Productive
I hear it all the time: “Even when I’m traveling, I can't stop working... ” or “I haven’t taken a real vacation in years!” Wait, what? You haven’t taken a vacation in YEARS? What are you waiting for? In this article, I demonstrate how taking vacations actually allows you to be happier and more successful.
Step out of the Matrix: 5 Steps to Doing Work You Love
The sobering truth unveiled behind the 'prestigious jobs' that most men fall into. When is the last time you considered the impact of having the wrong job? In this article, we detail the five crucial steps to doing the work YOU love. It's time to truly wake up and step out of the matrix.
How I won my first Spartan Race (training only 5 hours a week)
We all know working out is good for us. We know the benefits, and understand we should be exercising regularly. But most men are out of integrity in this area of their life. In this article, I shine a light on how exercise is the ULTIMATE force multiplier for your life. And why NOT working out at least 4x is a major mistake...
The Secret to Extraordinary Willpower
In 2009, a 13-year old girl named Laura Dekker made an extreme decision: To become the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone. People thought she was crazy.“You’re too young”, some clamored. “You’re going to die out there”, others exclaimed. When child services heard about her plan, they went on a crusade to stop her. In this article, we show you how Laura overcame all odds to make her dreams into reality, and how you can as well.
4 Questions a Man Must Answer Before He Can Truly Succeed
For most of my 20's, most people thought I was crazy. I was always seeking new experiences and having wild adventures around the world. But in truth, and everything I did had a greater purpose (yes, even partying in Ibiza and becoming a topless waiter in Australia...). I was using unconventional lifestyle to answer what I believe to be the 4 most important questions in the world. In this article..
On Donald Trump and the Need for a New Definition of “Successful Man”
I have a confession to make: when Donald Trump won the US election, a small part of me was happy. Let me explain: I believed Trump's presence in the spotlight would wake us up to the fact that our world is built on an outdated model of "Masculine Success". In this article, I take you on a journey into what it means to be "a Successful Man", how it's affecting you, and how upgrading your definition will..
The Dalai Lama’s Secret to Better Work Performance
There’s a secret "fuel" you can use to develop greater focus, produce better work, and make a bigger difference in the world. It’s not some fancy new nootropic, psychedelic drug or breathing technique. It’s a secret that the Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King and Gandhi have used to become human powerhouses and change the world forever. Learn how to apply it to your life in this article.
The Question You Ask Every Day… That’s Secretly Stealing Your Happiness [Video]
There's a sneaky question you ask yourself every day... that's secretly stealing your happiness. Once you hear what it is, you'll probably think: "OMG, I do this all the time!". In this 3-minute video I tell you what it is, so you can free yourself from it... and suddenly experience greater joy, deepen your life satisfaction, and achieve true success..
The Dark Side Of Personal Development
I've attended many personal development seminars over the years. Most of my experiences have been positive but there are times when I've signed up for an "epic event" that ended up leaving a bad taste in my mouth. In this article, I share one of those stories to help you see what's going on underneath the surface, and help you make more educated decisions about how you can invest your time, energy and..
How to Be Insanely Productive Without Going Insane
Do you ever feel like there's never enough time for everything? For years, I struggled with that. But after a magical trip to Peru, I figured out a simple system to master my relationship with time, get more done every day, and do it without having to rush like crazy all the time. In this article, I teach you how to do the same.
How to Be a World-Class Leader (Even if You’re Not Sure You Have What It Takes)
Growing up, I was never captain of my soccer team or class president. I dreamed of being a great leader but thought leadership abilities were reserved to an elite few. In 2011, I discovered a way to radically improve my leadership. In this article I share what I discovered to help you become a force of nature who effortlessly influences others and brings the best out of everyone around you.
The Overachiever’s Treadmill: Why You Feel Like You’re Never Doing Enough (And How to Free Yourself)
Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you work, you’re not doing enough? This is something I secretly struggled with for years. But thanks to countless hours of meditation, a memorable conversation with my Dad, and an unconventional theory, I finally broke free from this delusion. In this article, I help you do the same (without having to meditate 100's of hours).
Embrace Your Dark Side: How to Tame the Beast Within, Overcome Anger and Eliminate Frustration
Deep inside each man is a source of powerful, aggressive energy. With the right approach, it can be harnessed for extraordinary creation and enlightenment. But if used improperly, it can destroy you. In this article, I help you explore your own Dark Side and learn how to use it productively so you can achieve more, suffer less and be a better role model for others.
The Zen of Peak Performance: How to Slow Down, Get More Done, and Experience True Freedom
We live in a society that promotes an insane approach to success. Stress, exhaustion and overwhelm... is that really the best way to go? For the past 2 years, I've been on a quest to find a better and saner way to succeed. Here are my discoveries and how you can apply them to achieve world-class results with only a fraction of the effort.
The Fundamentals of Greatness: Why “Radical Honesty” Makes Everything Better & How to Use It Optimally
What would happen if you suddenly decided to be honest about everything? No more lies (even white ones), bullshit or hiding of facts to manipulate others’ perception of you. Would people hate you? Or would you be liberated and more successful than ever? 18 months ago I decided to find. What happened next blew my mind.
The All-In Method: The Psychological Secret Weapon to Succeed At Anything
We live in a society with the shortest attention span in human history. Most people get distracted easily and struggle to reach their full potential. In this article, I teach you a powerful psychological principle that will dramatically increase your level of commitments/focus and exponentially improve your chances of success.
3 Lies You Were Told as a Boy That Are Now Crushing You As a Man
Ever since you were a kid, you've been lied to. Like a series of "bad lines of codes" inputted into your brain, these subtle, destructive lies now shape your reality. In this article, I’m going to tell you what those lies are, and how you can free yourself from their shackles so you can start experiencing deeper confidence, easier success and greater happiness.