You're about to go on a powerful journey to upgrade your mindset, remove your limiting beliefs and develop true confidence..

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Yes, Imagine what's possible if you upgraded your brains operating system like a computer. The Mindset Intensive” is designed to do exactly that. 

In this course you will access to:


Not only will each workshop go in extreme detail with history, subtle shifts, core concepts, practical applications and more. Each workshop you will have a unique meditation to really cement the concepts into the deepest levels of your psyche. 

Comfort Zone Challenges

This course is not for mental masturbators. If you really want change and you're willing to do the work, then this is for you. If you aren't ready for a radical upgrade then go back to reading articles and listening to podcasts thinking 'what if?'.

Practical, Step-by-Step Workshops

With each hour+ long masterclass, we really explore each topic from every angle, the upgrade required and what's preventing you from really using it to your advantage. Plus, you will have lifetime access to the videos so you can rewatch it at your leisure.

Creating Change That Lasts

It's time to actually create lasting change in your life instead of just reading article by article hoping for something to get better. The mindset intensive is exactly that, intense. Only join if you are truly ready to upgrade your life to world class levels. 


Workshop #1: How To Dismantle Limiting Beliefs

Imagine going through life with a parachute tied around your back, no matter how fast you want to run something it holding you back. It's time to rid yourself of these hidden limiting beliefs that are stopping you from exponential success.

  •  Learn the "CBC Framework": Clients love this framework and use it consistently to change their internal state and eliminate limiting beliefs when they reappear.
  • Specific Meditation: Each workshop has a specific meditation to reinforce the core concepts inside the masterclass into your subconscious. 
  • Identify the 'parachute' in your life that's holding you back: We do more and more every day and don't even experience our efforts being rewarded. Once you identify these limiting beliefs, success becomes easy and exponential. 

Workshop #2: Writing a Winning Mental Story

You know that guy already. The guy that's always 'lucky', things just always end up in his favor. Ever wonder what really is the core difference between him and the rest of the world? It's his winning mental story. 

  • I take you step by step to creating a new story: It's time for you to become 'that' guy. The lucky guy, the guy that wins, the guy that get's what he wants. In this masterclass I take your hand and guide you to creating a lasting story that will change every area of your life.
  •  A brand new life: Why not you? If you feel and sense that it's time to really harness your power, it's time to step into then following this process is absolutely critical.
  •  Custom Meditation: Not only will you have a new mental story, but you will have access to a meditation that will really cement this new identity and make it your default way of being. I'm already excited just talking about it now!

Workshop #3: How To Fall in Love With Yourself

Happiness, love is not some 'crazy' place that you find at the end of the journey. It's not somewhere you go towards but it's a place to come FROM. This masterclass dives deep into how to fall in love yourself to really enjoy your journey in this life. 

  • Unconditional self-love: I see it time and time again with new clients. You are high-performing, you at 60% is better than most people's 120%. In this workshop, we really lay the groundwork and foundation for happiness NOW rather than some distant future. 
  • Eliminate Anxiety: Many clients I work with talk about that 'nagging feeling' of anxiety that comes from being a high-performer. I should have done more, I should have finished more on my to-do list. Let's cure all that with self-love once and for all.
  • If you don't love yourself: No-one will. Maybe that's not the 'right' thing to talk about here but screw it. This is so overlooked in society It is unbelievable. If you don't love yourself, no one will. Combine this process, meditation with the limiting beliefs and a new winning story? Stop it. Don't even think about the possibilities :)

Workshop #4: The Dream Career Mindset

This masterclass really opens the door on the subtle shifts that change everything. It's time to upgrade your brain's operating system to world-class levels. 

  • The Golden Question: Clients love this question and use it all the time. It creates immediate results, now. Can't wait for you to start using it starting today. 
  • Feeling Alive: The passion, the zest and the feeling of being 'alive'. Imagine what would happen in your life if you went through your day feeling like that?
  • That 1-2% shift: The game we are playing here is in the 1-2% shift. The small subtle shifts in your mindset, that really change everything. No more playing the game of life using a Windows 98 computer, it's time to upgrade.

Workshop #5: The Art of Connection: How To Create Deep, Meaningful and Authentic Relationships

In this fifth installment, we explore how to create lasting connection with people in order to grow a relationship based in authenticity and inspiration. 

  • The Sweaty Palm: To really have a deep connection with the people in your life, you are going to have to have more 'sweaty palm' conversations. I show you how to prepare and why it's important. 
  • Hiding and Honest: We explore how to really break out of your shell, and live more authentically starting right now!
  • Meditation: The road to becoming the most natural and real version of yourself doesn't have to take years, with this meditation we cement the concepts discussed in the masterclass into your subconscious. 

Workshop #6: The Psychology of Wealth: Mastering Your Money Mindset

We all want more money, more stability and more freedom to spend and have the experiences that we crave. In this workshop we discuss the subtle shifts that change everything in upgrading your relationship with money.

  • Comfort zone challenges: These specific challenges will really bring out your most enterprising creative self, and change your relationship with creating wealth in your life. 
  • Money fears and stress: I show you the simple question that changes everything, no more feeling stressed and filled your brain with money fears.
  • Skill improvement: We discuss service and skill development and the direct correlation it has on the amount of money you currently have in your life. 

Workshop #7: The World Needs You: Answering The Call of Leadership

This workshop we really look into what it takes to be a leader, to be a creator and what's stopping us from stepping into this role.

  • The leadership fallacy: After going through the evolutionary perspective, we discuss what leadership is NOT, and just this realization alone will change everything for you.
  • Bend the world: No more small goals, small visions. No more 'small' anything. After this class you will really start to think big, act big and live loudly.  
  • No more being a wallflower: This game-changing comfort zone challenge will be the first step, that nudge in the direction to standing for something as a man, as a human on this earth.

Workshop #8: Damage Control: Creating Change That Lasts

So many times we find ourselves with a quick 'fix', a personal development 'hack'. Enough of these 0.1 percent incremental progression. This workshop discusses how to create lasting exponential success and blend all of the core concepts from this intensive together into something magical. 

  • The power of dumb actions: With this mindset and way of thinking, you create a mountain of momentum in making your dreams a reality. 
  • Change that lasts: Most programs and teachings leave you with a nice 'rush' as a consumer. No more. In this workshop we detail how to create change that lasts...forever, and what will get in the way of it. 
  • Core Concepts: In this masterclass we really bring this course to a glorious finish. The internal and external factors that will show up and what is actually required for creating lasting change in your life.

30 DAY
Money Back Guarantee




"I've finally been able to become a leader at my job. I used to be afraid of expressing my opinions for fear of what others might think. I now see myself as confident and self assured, and express myself no matter what others may think. I get things done more quickly than ever before, and opportunities are attracted to me, it’s like the whole universe just opened up for me! Philippe Drolet is a creative and innovative coach and will someday be one of the best of our time! The Mindset Intensive has been the best course I have taken, bar none!"

Gene Hermanski

“I have a more positive mindset…”

"I am more confident. I have a more positive mindset and are more aware of my own feelings. I can now notice when my emotions control me, and detach myself from them more easily. Thanks to this, I have increased in my own emotional awareness which I find very useful."

Dave Boucher 

“My career has evolved very rapidly...”

"I feel as if my confidence has skyrocketed with many things in life. I've seen amazing opportunities arise in the past few months and have capitalized on those opportunities. My career has evolved very rapidly in, I have gotten really great results at work, along with much more responsibility."

Tim Moreau

Upgrade Your Brain's Operating System Starting Today!

Eight workshops, eight weeks, eight meditations, comfort zone challenges, reflection questions and much more. What are you waiting for?