Jedi Training Camp

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About this course

First off, let me say “Welcome, young Jedi”!

You’ve made a powerful choice by joining this program and the trajectory of your life is about to upgrade drastically. 

Having just come out of the first ever Jedi Training Camp myself, I can tell you that if you fully dedicate yourself to the program, you will astound yourself over the coming months. 

I have created an experience that will expand you in all ways, I will support you to the best of my ability along the way, and remember…

Your fate is in your own hands. You will get out of the experience exactly what you put into it.  

Between now and then, here are 3 pieces of content I highly recommend you study before we officially begin our work together.

#1 Documentary: The Life of the Buddha - Pay particular attention to the dedication Siddharta Gautama (the Buddha’s birth name) showed as a "super student”. It’s very inspiring and gives us a good idea of what it takes to achieve true mastery.

#2 Book: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks – Because you will be on a track of accelerated evolution, it is important that you educate yourself on the “upper limiting problem” and learn to deal with it so it doesn’t impair your progress.

#3 Audiobook: The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle – This book is the foundation of all Jedi Mind Tricks. I recommend listening to the audiobook instead of reading the book- there’s something very powerful in listening to Eckart’s voice directly.

Over the next few weeks, focus on applying what you learn from these 3 sources. They contain very potent teachings that will already start to accelerate your evolution. 

Let’s make magic happen together brother.

May the force be with you, 

Masterclass #1: How to Become a Super Human (and Superhuman)

Hola Jedi Trainees,

In this master class, we will break down how to become a Super Human (and Superhuman). How you start anything is very crucial, this being the first of 12 modules will determine how life-changing this course is for you. SUPER excited for you starting this course and I'll see you inside :)

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Masterclass #2: How to Create Your Jedi Lifestyle (and The Hinge That Swings Big Doors)

Riding the momentum from a brilliant masterclass #1, we continue this voyage diving deep into how you create your own personal Jedi lifestyle and the subtle shift that once attended to creates the biggest lasting impact in your life. View Lesson

Masterclass #3: How to Have Unbreakable Focus and World-Class Productivity

In this masterclass #3, we are going to dive deep into how to create unbreakable focus and world-class productivity using the 3 archetypes of success + my secret method of reaching states of 'flow' on demand. 

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Masterclass #4: How to have it ALL!

In this master class, we will dive deep into how to master life w/o getting mindf*cked, the legendary black and white theory of productivity and what all top performers have in common ranging from Tony Robbins to Richard Branson.

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Masterclass #5: How to Develop Zen-Like Inner Peace

In this masterclass well talk about: The 2 real reasons that you get anxious, the most underrated principle in personal development and the 4 daily practices to be more zen. 

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Masterclass #6: Cheat Codes to the Universe

In masterclass #6 we’ll talk about how you can combine your own personal power with the power of the entire Universe to achieve greater results with more ease and much less stress. Next-level Jedi stuff. 

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Masterclass #7: How To Master Your Emotions For Increased Love, Performance and Leadership

As we enter this second half of the program, it's time to turn our attention to something that's massively important yet underrated in our society: Emotional Mastery. Using this newfound skill we can expereince more love, performance and become greater leaders. View Lesson

Masterclass #8: Your Dream Life… Or Self-Destruction?

In masterclass #8, we will dive deep into the special quality that Lebron James, Oprah Winfrey and Taylor Swift have in common. Is it possible to have your dream life? 

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Masterclass #9: How To Become Magnetic

We'll be talking about How To Shine Brighter, Become Magnetic and Build Instant Friendships... a skill that took me years of travel, several months of topless waitering and many nervous nights to master. View Lesson

Masterclass #10: The Path To Social Excellence

This week we'll focus on developing extraordinary relationships with those who are already in your life... your friends, family, romantic partner and coworkers. The path to social excellence begins today. 

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Masterclass #11: Fearless Leadership: How to Live the Dream, Make Millions & Change the World

If you want to make more money, have a bigger impact in the world and make your dreams come true...Join us for masterclass #11, I've got some great Jedi Mind Tricks in store to radically upgrade your leadership skills.  View Lesson

Masterclass #12: The Final Showdown: 8 Principles to Live an Epic Life

Our final masterclass in this incredible journey. This week, we go over the 8 principles to live an epic life of your dreams. WARNING: I might use Jedi Mind Tricks on you (only the good kind). 

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